Decorate your home to mirror your individual style and communicate your desired message! Whether you want your home to have a comfortable and relaxing feel or a high-end modern feel, adding little design elements will help achieve that message. Proper decor helps set the tone for each room and create an overall personality for your property. Through small elements like rugs, lighting, bedding, furniture, wall decor and design accents, you can communicate your personality throughout the space.

Design your home to match your personal style and communicate your desired message. Visit The Art Place for a one-stop-shopping experience full of beautifully crafted, unique home good products! For more information on our product offerings and the best stores to visit for your specific taste, contact us today!

At The Art Place, we love the feeling of finding a spectacular piece, perfect for your home, at a price that’s just as great! In order to give our clients the same feeling, we supply fabulous, original pieces at prices that your wallet will love. Savvy shoppers know that The Art Place is the best place to discover unique and beautiful finds in the Coachella Valley. For this reason, our stores are constantly traveling and searching for one-of-a-kind pieces for their current and future clients. The Art Place acts as the most cost effective one-stop-shop for interior designers and homeowners alike to find original pieces for decorating their space. We are happy to supply shoppers with these products, and so much more:

  • Sculptures
  • Art Glass
  • Pottery
  • Art
  • Fine Paintings
  • Mirrors
  • Accessories
  • Lighting
  • Interior Plants