Are you looking for a new special piece for your home or business? At The Art Place, we offer several stores that are purely dedicated to bringing the best in the art to homeowners and interior designers alike. The selections at our stores are brought to you by local and international artists and handpicked for their unique and beautiful qualities. Each store at our center offers a different take on art and has pieces specific to their original style and taste. Due to our large selection of stores and their varying selection, The Art Place is known as a one-stop-shop for those looking to decorate! Our stores offer a large variety of art in contemporary and fine art styles including wall pieces, sculptures, mirrors, paintings, ceramics and more. Homeowners, home decorators, and art collectors all find what they need to get inspired and put the perfect finishing touch on a home at The Art Place! Our stores specializing in the art include Jake Dent Gallery.

At The Art Place, we also offer a variety of art services art classes, art consignment, and fine art selections. Find out more about our offerings and specialties below!



Come by The Art Place for the best-of-the-best in art consignment. Our shopping center contains many locations that provide the most unique and high-quality products.

The business owners at The Art Place are beyond talented and experienced in creating the most versatile collections for our clientele. Come shop with interior designers and decorators come from all over to shop from these high-end compilations of furniture, artwork and accessories.



Explore The Art Place to find the most beautiful and original works of fine art that we have to offer. Fine art is made for pure aesthetic appreciation and we want to provide that delicacy to your home or the home you are designing.

At our shopping center, we not only provide fine art pieces but fine art classes as well. Learn from some of the most talented art teachers Fine art adds a certain level of elegance to any environment and provides a creative escape for the mind. Here are the businesses in our shopping center that offer fine art and what type of fine art pieces they provide:


Explore The Art Place to find the most beautiful and works of fine photography that we have to offer. Fine photography is taken for pure appreciation and enhancing your environment and we want to provide that delicacy to your home.

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