In order to create the most functional and comfortable space for your home, it’s essential to have furniture that matches the space and your lifestyle. Depending on the room, the type of furniture may vary. For a formal living room, beautiful fabrics and creative designs are used to communicate a high-end feeling. On the other hand, a family room calls for more comfortable furniture with softer fabrics to create an inviting and relaxing space. No matter the specific need for your space, while shopping at The Art Place you will find a large variety of furniture perfect for your home.

Whether you’re looking for the best bedroom furniture, a beautiful dining room table or the most comfortable family room couch, our knowledgeable interior designers and furniture designers will guide you to the perfect piece. At The Art Place, we are home to a variety of stores that both supply and design furniture. Stop by any of the stores below for a large selection of interior furniture:

  • The Interior’s Designer
  • Nicholas Lawrence
  • Gloss Fine Furniture

These stores all offer a different style of furniture, giving our shoppers a variety of places to find their perfect piece. In addition to actual furniture, at The Art Place, we also offer custom furniture upholstery at D & S Fabricators. At D & S Fabricators, you will find a showroom full of thousands of patterns and fabrics. Their large selection of fabrics gives our clients the ability to customize just about any piece, new or old.

For more information on how to choose the best furniture for your space or how to design a space around furniture, be sure to ask any of our experts at The Art Place!

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