Are you looking for that perfect accent piece to complete your favorite room in your home? Do you want to put the finishing touches on your outdoor space? The addition of pottery can fulfill all of your home decor needs. Pottery is unique in more ways than one and that is why The Art Place is happy to feature this artform in our shopping center.

Some of the first records of pottery date all the way back to prehistoric times. Made from earth, stone and porcelain materials, this artform is so durable that it has survived through thousands of years. Antique pottery can be looked at as artifacts of archaeology. Not to mention, each piece is handmade and carefully crafted by a potter which gives your individual piece a backstory. If you want a work of art for your home that contains character and history, pottery is the perfect option for you.

Pottery is great because it can work well for interior design and can also be the ideal addition for all of your outdoor space needs. With a wide selection of shapes and sizes, there are endless opportunities for your home. Pottery can be used to add character to any plant and brighten up your desert home. Translate your unique style through the usage of pottery. The Art Place features stores that offer some of the most unique and special pottery. Come visit one of these stores today to find the perfect piece for your home!

  • Jake Dent Gallery
  • The Interior’s Designer
  • Flower Mart

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