Nikko Gallery is a beautiful 3,000 sq,ft. space featuring the artwork of renowned painter-sculptor Hans Ladislaus, who shares his time between his studio in Hawaii and Palm Desert, CA.

This well known, decorator’s favorite stop offers other contemporary artists who’s work includes:

  • Metal sculptures by Jon Seeman, an award winning Laguna Beach artist, whose highly acclaimed work defies the laws of gravity, appears in many private and corporate collections.
  • Mark Hendrickson, whose unusual clay slab stretch method, produces one of the finest examples of organic, free-form pottery.
  • Robert Glover, who taught at Otis School of Art and Design, and creates exquisite hand-built clay sculpture, brings years of experience to his craft.
  • Gallery Director, Nancy Lee also brings a collection of exquisite international art glass, both functional and decorative, to offer an unique visual experience.