PS Vintage Vespa

We offer daily rentals of Piaggio MP3 Luxury Scooters!

These are Piaggio MP3 250’s – the most sophisticated machines around! 3-wheeled, with amazing stability, comfort, and performance, they’re whisper quiet and super smooth.

Who is Piaggio? It’s the Italian parent company of Vespa of course! These are the real Italian thing.

As far as we’re concerned, these are the Ferrari of scooters, with real horse power, handling, comfort and advanced features, there simply isn’t a finer scooter available!

Electric start, no shifting, 250cc liquid cooled motor, freeway fast, large cushy comfortable seat, amazing disc brakes, articulated dual front wheel suspension that still has you lean into corners, like a traditional motorcycle. Yet with 2 front wheels, it provides better handling, superior grip and braking ability. This, is what the most luxurious and advanced scooter-type motorcycle looks like, but this one – doesn’t require a motorcycle license!
That’s right,you can rent this one, as long as you are older than 21, have a valid driver’s license, and automobile insurance coverage. But we also want to point out, that because these are pretty big and heavy, you will need to have had some prior experience with a moped, scooter, or other motorized 2-wheeled machine. Leaning into a turn, or remembering to put your feet down on the ground to balance the machine when coming to stop, can not be foreign to you. You will need some basic 2-wheeled riding skills, or you are not going to have any fun, nor be safe.

With the wonderful weather here in the Coachella Valley and all the sites to see, there isn’t a more fun way to tour it all – than on one of our Piaggio’s.

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